The Developers

Koncept Ambience

With a strong focus on invigorated design and architecture amid lush green environs, we create spaces that embody the values we believe in. We do this by always designing around the natural contours of the land - be it a rock trail or a stream of water within the landscape. We believe that nature’s architecture lays the foundation to what we design and build.

With lots of ambient light and free-flowing movement within, our projects are designed to be low-density spaces, with less number of people per square yard, which translates to more space for you and around you. As such, we wish to create homes that inspire just as they rejuvenate - homes that signify purity and calm, restoration and warmth.

As we always say, when passion and quality work in tandem, the result is invariably beautiful.

Sukhii Group

If there’s one thing we live by, it’s delivering happiness.

The Sukhii Group is built on the dedication to maintaining an unwavering balance between happiness and health with a commitment to delivering homes tailored to your needs.

Our strength and values lie in ensuring 100% great quality living alongside state-of-the-art amenities and our projects, particularly Sukhii 9 and Sukhii Balaji are a perfect reflection of precisely that. Every project is designed to make room for vast open spaces with elegant landscaping and ample ventilation.

Crafted with immense attention to detail, our homes are designed to beautifully coexist with nature. The harmony this inevitably achieves ensures not just a happy mind but a more fulfilling lifestyle. That is the Sukhii way.

Welcome to the Happy Life.

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