5 best ways to use the additional room in your 2.5 BHK apartment

Buying the right-sized apartment in metropolitan cities has become a daunting task with the increased number of options in gated communities. As builders strive to offer variety and choice to consumers, some of them have come up with the idea of a 2.5 BHK apartment. 

So, What is 2.5 BHK?

The “0.5” in a 2.5 BHK apartment is nothing but an additional room without an attached toilet. This can be considered as a bedroom or as an additional living space. A 2 BHK space generally consists of two bedrooms with two attached bathrooms and a living space with a hall and a kitchen. In a 2.5 BHK apartment, there is an extra room without an attached toilet. This gives home buyers a choice of buying a home that’s larger than a 2 BHK but cheaper than a 3 BHK while offering a much better utility.

The additional room, often known as a half bedroom, serves a variety of functions in Indian households. In this article, we showcase a few ways Indian households use the additional space.

5 best ways you can utilize the additional room

Study room

Making a half-bedroom space into an art room or a study area is particularly popular among families with kids. It might be quite beneficial for your youngster to have a designated study area. It helps them to focus on their studies and develop a routine. Having a dedicated study space is always preferable to using a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. The likelihood of home interruptions for the learner in a designated study area is greatly reduced by having a study room. 

Art room  

Art rooms are a natural flavor for your child's interest if they are into sketching and painting as they grow. An art room gives your child a dedicated area to express themself creatively through various art mediums, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and more. A dedicated art room also helps them to know about more art forms if they are curious enough to experiment in the art space.

Also, study and art rooms are not entirely constricted to your children as they are designed for everyone. If you are a person who loves to paint or to study as a hobby for some time with full focus, avoiding all distractions, half-bedroom spaces are a perfect fit for you to concentrate and keep going. 

Office room 

The pandemic has been a game-changer for people’s perspectives on traditional jobs and companies' perception of conducting business. Working from home eliminates the commitment to going to the office every day which can be stressful for many employees because of long commuting but without a proper work setup at home, it also becomes stressful for employees to handle the work with peace. This is where your half-bedroom comes into play by giving the right space for you to set up an office room with all the essentials you need without any commitment to work commuting. With the right desk and chair, you can light up the room with a simple office theme that suits your interest. 


Well-designed libraries can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a room, providing an inviting atmosphere that encourages you to read. Whether you prefer a traditional library style or a more modern look, a home library can be tailored according to your preferences and needs. Also, having a library in your home encourages you to read and learn for long hours. With books readily available, it becomes easier to pick up a book and start reading, which can foster a love of learning and a desire to explore new ideas and concepts. Whether you are a student, a professional, or simply someone who loves to read, a home library provides a perfect blend of your choice to explore books. 

Visiting room

Indian families are known for maintaining close relations with neighbors and relatives as we have the natural conscience of treating our guests with the best food and accommodation in our homes. If you are a person who belongs to a joint family or has a decent amount of relatives who visit you often, having an additional room is beneficial for both your family and the guests you have. 

In addition to rooms that belong to your family, you can arrange for your guest to remain at your house with all the comforts you have in a private room which is the additional room in your 2.5 BHK. Also, despite living in a gated community apartment, any household capacity may increase over time, leading visitors to your home and this necessarily requires a distinct area for your visitors to stay for a day or two.

Other than the above, a half-bedroom space can be favorable to make a mini home theater, musical room, and gym room if you thought of having one. Also, if you are a household woman running a small business from your home, half-bedroom spaces are a blessing for you to maintain every piece of your work in one place that fits very well. 

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