Choosing the right home for your kids

The effect of school commute distance on your kids

The longer the distance the more tired your kids are. Unlike the good old days when traveling to schools was mostly on bicycles, the mode of commuting has changed to school buses or self transport in cars. Sitting idle for long periods of time can make the kids restless and has  a negative impact on their whole mood. This can be avoided by choosing a home closer to your kids’ schools.  

Ambience courtyard at Manikonda is just 15 minutes away from top schools like Delhi Public School, Oakridge International School, Mount Litera Zee School

Having more friends in the same community 

Your kids can enjoy the company of the same age kids within the community. They are open to new experiences by spending time with different sets of friends back at home. They have an opportunity to collaborate with kids on projects from other schools as well. They tend to develop interests in new areas which they previously didn’t know about or didn’t bother to try.

Your kids can get to know children from different cultures and religions which will help them in exploring diversity from a young age. This will help them to adapt better in later stages of life, when moving to new places.

Living close to nature and its positive effects on kids’ health

Having a home close to nature is preferable for kids in their growing years. Ample open spaces can mimic a more rustic living experience.

Breathing in fresh air and improved physical activity with cycling parks and jogging trails can ensure physical fitness and keeps the immunity strong. This will help the kids perform better at school with good physical and mental health.

Ambience Courtyard has landscaped gardens with 67% of green spaces.

Kids play area and other amenities designed for kids

Kids of all ages can now be engaged at all times with the many amenities at the Ambience Courtyard. The younger kids can play and build sand castles at play areas specifically built for them. Whereas, the older children can group up at the Cricket grounds, basketball courts, cycling trails, jogging parks or swim at the pool. They can play badminton or workout at the gym at the clubhouse. So many different amenities to choose from to spend their time, the kids can be found in a better mood.

To have a place for your kids which is convenient for them in all ways is now possible with Ambience Courtyard.

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