Top 10 schools near Ambience courtyard, Manikonda

The growing number of schools in the city gives many options for you to choose the right school for your child which can be tedious, and time-consuming. In addition to choosing the right school with the best facilities and activities, you also have a plethora of choices available including international, boarding, and public schools and with different academic boards like CBSE, ICSE, and SSC. This is further compounded by practical difficulties such as commute times and conveyance options.

For the residents of Ambience Courtyard at Manikonda, there are quite a number of good schools to choose from. Here we list out the best schools that help Ambience Courtyard residents (as much as anyone living in Manikonda). Our list is compiled based on the following parameters:

  • Academic and extracurricular activities. Every school has its own but it is fundamental to identify the perfect pick that suits your child’s personality and builds his/her academic career without any disputes.
  • Outstanding teaching staff.  How well a school guarantees the superior academic performance of its students is a key hallmark of what we consider to be a good school. Teaching staff upholding core human values and maintaining harmonious relationships with students is always crucial.
  • Ease of Commute. Despite having bus facilities, commuting great distances to school can be exhausting for kids. Therefore location and the means of transportation are additional crucial considerations to take into account. 
  • Fee structure. Every parent has the desire to educate their children in the best school that offers all-around facilities with the possible best educational experience. However often parents need to prioritize other forms of investments due to social considerations. A School that offers all-around development, and maintains high academic standards at a reasonable fee is always preferred.

Listed below are the top 10 schools nearby the Ambience courtyard for you to enroll your child to continue their academics with a strong desire and determination. Although all schools have excellent infrastructure and academic curricula, each has its own identity with a different sense of approach. 

  1. Nasr boys school 
Nasr boys school

Nasr boys school is one the finest schools situated in Manikonda with a great focus on academics with physical and mental education. The school is situated in the Serilingampally  area of Gachibowli, Hyderabad which is approximately six kilometers away from the Ambience courtyard. Although the school is reputed for its academic excellence, it is more committed to sports like hockey, football, basketball, and more along with club activities like drama club, drama club, literary club, nature club, and more. 

Nasr boys school is a day school for boys aged between 5-15 with an ICSE curriculum. Nasr education society was founded by Begum Anees Khan on 12 June 1965. With pre-primary, primary, and high school, Nasr has different academic programs developed for different age groups of children. Nasr education society also has a different girl school situated in the Khairatabad region of Hyderabad. 

  1. Delhi public school
Delhi public school

DPS schools are considered one of the most reputed schools in India. With more than 13 core schools and 206 franchise schools, DPS is a global educational society. Despite being one of the biggest schools, DPS is closely affordable compared to other international schools in the city. The school is situated in the Khajaguda region of Manikonda which is 4.5 km away from the Ambience courtyard. 

The alumni of DPS are highly accredited with years of experience in teaching respected subjects. The chairman of the school, Padmasree Mr. V.K Shunugulu believes that ‘children must absorb every experience they encounter to become better personalities than before’ and it certainly reflects on the school’s curriculum both in academics and other activities. The appealing thing about the school is the consistent even functions that are conducted for students to explore differences in different mediums. 

  1. Oakridge international school 
Oakridge international school 

Oakridge International school, a part of Nord Anglia Education, are premium international day schools located in many regions of India. Oakridge schools are primarily known as the pioneers of the IB (international board) schools in the southern part of India. With more than 150+ IB trained teachers, Oakridge also offers CBSE and Cambridge curricula. Oakridge Hyderabad is located in the region of Gachibowli which is 6.9km far away from Ambience courtyard. The Gachibowli connectivity to the Ambience courtyard is also decent for children to commute fast to school. 

Oakridge schools have many unique developmental programs that’ll help students to unravel their true potential. With every minute of care and attention, the school ensures that students enjoy every minute of learning. The school also ensures that children can continue their learning process even after school hours. 

  1. Bharatiya vidya bhavan’s public school
Bharatiya vidya bhavan’s public school

Bhavan’s Vidyashram is inspired by the ideals and objective of the bhavan’s faith, which stands for their integration of Indian culture. According to the "Times School Rankings 2020" for Hyderabad, the school is ranked No. 1 in the area of "Best Schools-CBSE Curriculum" and No. 2 in the category of "Online Teaching”. Bhavans public school is situated in the Jubilee hills region of Hyderabad which is just 4km away from the Ambience courtyard. 

The school is affiliated with the CBSE syllabus. The school was established in 1977 with a moderate strength of 455 at first. Within a short span, the school began to grow its operations, and today as an organization it runs more than 100 schools in India with different names and standardization. With the utmost care, Bhavan’s ensures to teach every fundamental aspect that students require to become more intellectual and successful. 

  1. Sloka- the Hyderabad Waldorf school
Sloka- the Hyderabad Waldorf school

Waldorf education teaches about the importance of the whole human being and celebrates social and cultural diversity. Sloka Waldorf school has successfully Indianized the Waldorf curriculum with a pioneering team that suits the standardization of our children and is followed until class 8. The school has an affiliation with the CBSE syllabus and also teaches in regional languages giving significant importance to each. 

Waldorf's teaching revolves around the child-centered philosophical approach and maintains core student-teacher relationships. The school is situated in the region of Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, which is 15km away from the Ambience courtyard. Although commuting to school can take longer hours from the Ambience courtyard, learning with the Waldorf curriculum gives your children a distinctive learning experience which you never find in any other school. 

  1. Elate international school 
Elate international school

Elate International School Manikonda is one of the Best CBSE schools in Hyderabad that has a systematic, simple registration and admission process. Elate schools are also primarily focused on resource labs. Other than the subject labs, they have multiple technical labs that help students to acknowledge the importance of research experiments and practical skills. 

The School has a core committed faculty that has come from accomplished backgrounds with vast experience. Their school also has different sports clubs encouraging students to participate in any sport of their own interest.  Within 2 kms away from the Ambience courtyard, Elate international school is situated at Alkapoor township close to Manikonda.. 

  1. Delhi school of excellence 
Delhi school of excellence 

Delhi school of Excellence is also one the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad. The school attributes utmost emphasis on an individual's physical health by incorporating yoga & various sports activities into the curriculum. Academics being top-notch, the students also get to try their hands on a medley of co-curricular activities like dance, drama, music, art, and culinary art.

It was one the forerunners amongst the schools in the twin cities to adopt online education and also offers the best online classroom experience. The school is situated in the Laxmi nagar colony of Manikonda which is only 1.5 km away from the Ambience courtyard. 

  1. Rockwell international school 
Rockwell international school 

Rockwell International School is perched in a serene location, on the outskirts of the city, making it a beautiful place for children to learn, play, interact, nurture and grow. The school emphasizes the all-around development of a child. With an amazing staff, great infrastructure, and a centralized library, the school really demonstrates a great example of unlocking children’s true potential. 

The school also focuses on extracurricular activities along with academics helping children enjoy the learning process. Rockwell international school is situated in the nearby region of Kokapet which is around 8 km away from the Ambience courtyard. 

  1. The premia academy 
The premia academy 

The Premia academy is also one of the top CBSE schools situated in the Attapur region of  Hyderabad which is 9km away from the Ambience courtyard. The school believes in the progressive mindset making young learners embark on a journey with creativity and innovation. 

The school has partnered with diverse entities like design thinking, entrepreneurship culture, performing art, experimental math, career counsel, sports clubs, and more for children to explore learning in different dimensions. Premia academy is also ranked among the top educational institutions at affordable prices in Hyderabad in 2022. 

  1.  Oasis school
Oasis School

Oasis school is ranked as the best CBSE school in central Hyderabad in “TIMES 2020”. The campus is built on a vast 4-acre space that boasts life development skills, sports grounds, state of art facilities along with a collection of resource books and a resource center. 

The school is located in the region of Shaikpet in Hyderabad which is less than 2km from the Ambience courtyard. Oasis school is a great place for children to learn academics that enhance their learning growth with effective strategies and creative ways.

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