Advantages Of Open Spaces In & Around Homes

It’s a dream for many to buy a residential apartment in the city. It is a place they can truly call their own, a place they can leave behind for their future generations.

A true home is incomplete without the presence of open spaces.

Buying a property in Hyderabad can be a dream of many. Open spaces in buildings contribute to a healthy lifestyle. You can stay active, get some fresh air, and relax in nature’s arms.

While speaking about open spaces, Koncept Ambience & Sukhi group is coming up with Ambience Courtyard in Manikonda that offers abundant open spaces. With 2.71 acres of its space dedicated just to greenery, it features open spaces that also have water bodies that make up for open spaces that are 67% of the total space of the project. 

Sprawling across 8 acres, Ambience Courtyard is a premium residential property outfitted with luxurious amenities and the very best facilities. With a soothing green cover and elegant water features, life here is filled with grace, purity, and goodness. These features make the property one of the exquisite places to live in.

Space for Recreational Activities-

You can enjoy your favorite book in the reading corner of your house or play with your kids in a safe play area of the garden. The senior citizens in the family can take a walk in the open spaces. Koncept Ambience & Sukhi group provides property in Manikonda, Hyderabad with open spaces that offer amenities such as gym area, garden, kids play area, exercise station, meditation pavilion, cycling/jogging track, pool, library, and more.

Active lifestyle -

In today’s hustle-bustle and polluted environment, one needs to stay fit. The open spaces include a garden area, playground, cycling/jogging track, and more. You can breathe in the fresh air, meditate, play, or take a stroll. It will not only help you to relax but also help you lead an active lifestyle.

Social interaction- 

Open spaces in buildings can promote social interaction. You can host parties, have a family gathering, interact with other residents in the garden area, participate in recreational activities, and do a lot more. Ambience Courtyard features 67% of vibrant open spaces where you can bond with your family, friends or enjoy solace alone. 

Environmental Benefits-

Last but not least comes the ecological benefits of open spaces. 

Greenery, even in small doses helps improve air quality. This becomes an essential factor as all of us are well aware of the rising pollution levels. The size and quality of green open spaces influence the temperatures of the residential area. Improved temperatures and air quality can save you from respiratory diseases or issues like heat exhaustion. 

When looking for your dream home, do enquire about the Open Space Ratio (OSR) from your developer to get an accurate idea. The OSR lets you know  the percentage of open space available on the property. 

So, what do you love most about open spaces? Are you a sports enthusiast? Or a simple walk-in-the-nature type person?

Green and serene, Ambience Courtyard is a sprawling residential community located in Manikonda.Imagine a life living in nature facing the pristine lush green hues from your window.Built on the 70:30 principle, where 67% of vibrant open space is dedicated for recreational activities such as Meditation pavilion, Open gym, Yoga lawn, Jogging track, cycling track & much more, and 33% for living. Walk the carefully placed lawn, walkways, and green pockets at Ambience Courtyard, and you'll know what you've been missing all those years. Here, discover all that you can do, from sweating it out in the gym to spending a few minutes in absolute calm

We give you all the space you need to enjoy what you love doing best & we offer plenty of space between towers. 

Welcome to Ambience Courtyard - The Courtyard of Goodness!

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