Life in a Courtyard

Courtyards may have been a part of many historical places, but in Indian households, they are more than just space. They seem to have taken on a life of their own, becoming an integral part of our culture. 

Traditionally speaking, all the family activities were conducted in the house courtyard, where the showrunner of the home (usually the grandmother) gathered everyone. It was a place filled with positivity and bliss, where laughter and joy were all you could find. We all remember the pleasant smell of masalas being churned in the open space as our grandma yelled at us for running in the courtyard, and the sound of vessels coming out as lunch was just about to be prepared. 

While the grown-ups of the house utilized the space for relaxation and leisure, it was the kids who turned this courtyard into their own little adventures with a little help of their wide imagination. It was everything you wanted it to be; a playground, a running track, a place to sit down and relax and a place to just stay still and admire the beauty and calm of it. Where food was just handed to you and the fresh air always kept you close to nature. 

Speaking of having fun, it wasn’t just the kids who had their fair share. The courtyard was a space where all the members of the family, and sometimes even the neighbours, came together to have a ball of a time and spread positivity. Imagine having a large group of people around you, all of them friendly and nice, with no inhibitions. Just gathering together and being how people are meant to be, social and happy. 

The mere thought of having a place like this in our busy, modern lives takes us back to those wonderful summer days. In this series of weekly blogs, we’re going to explore the wonderful life that once existed in the great Indian courtyard, and try to make our way back into some pure positivity and goodness.

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