The Goodness of Open Spaces in Gated Communities

Gated communities have been on the rise for a long time now. In an increasingly urbanized landscape with accelerating congestion and traffic, easy access to supermarkets, medical centres, playgrounds, activity rooms, gyms, etc. is always in demand within gated communities. They almost come to resemble small cities in themselves. 

Having open spaces in our gated communities adds more value to our lives than we can find at a first glance. Other than striking a strong resemblance to traditional architecture and evoking emotions of nostalgic peace, the open spaces have more benefits to offer to our families and make their lives better. 

Here’s 5 ways open spaces in our gated communities make life better – 

  1. Holistic Development 
Holistic Development

Every space we occupy plays a crucial role in our developmental processes. The spaces reflect and stimulate the web of our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being. All aspects of our well-being are interconnected and shape each other. Together, they influence our holistic development.

Open spaces in our gated communities ensure that all aspects of our well-being are given attention to. The availability of some traditionally indoor facilities in open atmospheres is on the rise today for this very reason. For instance, the open-air gyms give equal importance to  physical development, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual development.  

  1.  Serenity and Safety  
Serenity and Safety

The setting of open spaces around us makes us feel at peace with our surroundings and ourselves. The open space ensures we have a pleasant and calming visual experience at all times and makes us feel one with nature.

The sound of the leaves rustling and water flowing bring peace to our mind, while the sight of green all around us brings a sense of serenity. These feelings are amplified through the combination of natural and man-made architecture. 

  1. Freedom of the mind and body
Freedom of the mind and body

Open spaces in gated communities under proper design and engineering ensure that the body and the mind remain healthy. They liberate our mental processes and body movements by giving us a sense of freedom.

The feeling of freedom for the body and mind is very important to ensure good emotional wellbeing and moods throughout the day. It also makes people feel lighter and at ease.

  1. Sociability

Open spaces in our homes make our families more positive and open to each other and our surroundings. This mental and emotional development leads to reviving our inherent social character.

The walking tracks, lawns and benches in a park, etc. influence our sociability and reinvigorate the said mental and emotional development. The aesthetic designs present in the open spaces of gated communities is often reflected through celebrations and result in making our lives more content.  

  1. Urban facilities 
Urban facilities

The above-mentioned characteristics of having open spaces in gated communities invoke pleasant feelings within us. A gated community, with its urbane facilities provides more to make life comfortable. 

The presence of these facilities in open spaces is now on the rise to bring together the ‘pleasant’ and ‘comfortable’. For instance, open-air gyms, rooftop restaurants, swimming pools, movie-screenings, etc. are now opening up in the spacious outdoors to combine traditional and urban living together.  

Ambience Courtyard, an eight acre gated community at Manikonda, preserves and develops over natural landscape to make premium lifestyle a priority. 67% open space in Ambience Courtyard achieves all the above-mentioned features and gives precedence to the holistic development of the residents. 

This re-imagined gated community adds more quality, character and goodness to our lives. The social character of everyday life is made possible through the inclusion of open spaces in the environment built to ensure collective development, peace, sociability and comfort.

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