The Koncept Ambience Philosophy

Innovation. Craftsmanship. Quality. 

Since 1984, these have been the hallmarks that have come to define every one of our undertakings. Right from the beginning, we have paid the utmost attention to conceptual innovation, scenic locations, and world-class amenities in the midst of green spaces — reflecting Mr. Agrawall’s love for nature and passion for fine design.

We do this by placing a strong focus on invigorated design and architecture to create spaces that embody the values we believe in. We embrace the natural contours of the land — be it a rock trail or a stream — and build a structure designed to fuse the best of nature with the best of innovative design.

Our homes feature lots of ambient light and free-flowing movement within and are designed to be low-density spaces. After all, a less number of people per square yard translates to more space for you as well as around you. By working to create living spaces that inspire just as they rejuvenate, our homes signify purity and calm along with wellness and happiness. 

It is by adhering to these values over the years that we have managed to create spaces that stand out and have eventually gone on to redefine Hyderabad’s real estate sector. As Mr. M.P. Agrawall himself puts it — “We never do run-of-the-mill projects; each of them is backed by a well-thought out architecture, a whole lot of creativity and harmony with nature. We want to be ahead of time and create dream spaces and eco-friendly living.”

Backed by this commitment to creating elevated living experiences, Koncept Ambience works with a talented team of artisans, architects, and designers to fashion homes that effortlessly blend natural elements with modern functionality. And this approach couldn’t be seen in a clearer light than it is in Ambience Courtyard — an upcoming development of ours in Manikonda. 

Green and serene, it personifies our ideal of blending modern architecture with the timeless grace of nature to instill a sense of character to the area. As a holistic living space, Ambience Courtyard will complement both your personal requirements as well as your lifestyle aspirations by balancing finely crafted indoors with refreshingly natural outdoors.

Designed to make a large neighbourhood feel like a close, tight-knit family, the community features a wide range of 2, 2.5, and 3 BHK floor plans and has space for people of all lifestyles to come and be a part of it. As such, it blends the best aspects of the Indian communities of yore — with free-flowing conversation, walks with friends and family, thick friendship with neighbours, and a lovely atmosphere of affection and safety — with world-class amenities in a new-age clubhouse and superlative architecture.

And now, more than ever, Koncept Ambience is determined to develop spaces that matter. 

After all, with an increased focus on sustainability and preservation across the world, we intend to stick to the fundamental principles of our design philosophy with more strength and vigour. By always building homes within the lush environs of nature, we intend to give our residents a home that isn’t just a home, but a feeling; one that simply cannot be described, but must be experienced.

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